Monday, October 24, 2011

The Official Blog of WVU College of Law

Last Week


we had the VERY FIRST meeting of the WVU College of Law bloggers.

It was kinda a big deal ;)

meeting 1

meeting 2

We ate some great food.
[from the amazing, local Terra Cafe]
Had some wonderful conversation.
AND took our head shots.
[Yes, we felt quite important ;) ]

pita chips


Our next meeting is next week.
We are taking a group photo,
and our launch is coming up soon- at the beginning of November.

I AM SO excited about this project!
I am sure the columnists are going to come up with some great content, and I can't wait to start reading.
I will be sure to share the link to the page once we get it up and running.

For now-
check out our Facebook page here.

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